Today, the world runs on critical infrastructure and technology like planes, hospitals, factories, data centers, vehicles, the electrical grid, these are things people depend on every day and the companies behind them depend on us to help solve some of the toughest power management challenges. At Bright Wires, we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. Our products and services help our customers effectively manage electrical more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. By giving people tools to use power more efficiently. Helping companies do business more sustainably. And by encouraging each and every employee at Bright Wires to think differently about our business, our communities- and the positive impact we can have on the world.

Telecom & Network

Our goal is to support our client’s processes by dint of technologically advanced solutions. In the global world we live in, the individual and complex needs of our clients are usually met with technological products, solutions and services that are constantly evolving and that were not originally designed with the clients’ specific needs in mind, but rather to cater to the common denominator in the market. The leadership position that Bright Wires has attained in these sectors is based on an indepth knowledge of client needs, which allows us to deliver solutions specifically tailored to their individual requirements. BW offers clients the best solution, fully adapted to their own requirements and including all the support necessary to achieve optimum results at a suitable price. At BW, our employees, operating model and cultural values focus on meeting the very needs of each individual client.

Fiber Optic Technician

This Accredited and Certificated Fiber Optics Technician Course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Fiber Optics Technician or who needs to understand or use Fiber Technology within their job.

Maintenance & Calibration

You expect daily availability of your measurement systems and uniform quality of the measurements. Preventive maintenance and a regular calibration are absolutely essential.

Technical Field Support

Standing by to support all of your technical requirements, technical and field support team leverages decades of experience and technical knowledge to quickly resolve any challenge