Network Test & Inspection

End to End Network Solutions

Bright Wires has won numerous awards for providing best products & accessories

Relating to Telecommunication infrastructure. Bright Wires will integrate any telecom solution to serve your needs.

SecuriTEST IP is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax and analogue CCTV camera systems.

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Fiber Optic Technician

This Accredited and Certificated Fiber Optics Technician Course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Fiber Optics Technician or who needs to understand or use Fiber Technology within their job.

Maintenance & Calibration

You expect daily availability of your measurement systems and uniform quality of the measurements. Preventive maintenance and a regular calibration are absolutely essential.

Technical Field Support

Standing by to support all of your technical requirements, technical and field support team leverages decades of experience and technical knowledge to quickly resolve any challenge